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I have been extremely lucky to work with hundreds of talented students over the years


"To say that Megan taught me how to sing is an understatement.  I arrived in her room a competent musician and sight-singer but with no technique to speak of, having ‘got by’ in years of school choirs on my musicianship alone.  I was serious about improving my voice but had no idea where to start.  I refused to sing in our first session, so terrified about exposing such a personal part of myself.  Four years later, I have just completed a run of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe at the Edinburgh Fringe playing the titular role, having also spent the last two years as a choral scholar with my university’s chapel choir.  I have Megan to thank on both counts.  Megan chipped away at my self consciousness and fear to uncover my perfectly respectable mezzo voice.  She described vocal positioning and technique in ways I would understand as a string player.  Megan patiently bore my frustration as I mastered what most vocal students learn at a much younger age, without making me feel at any point as if I were ‘behind’.  She built my confidence so that I could stand up and be counted amongst the best singers in my cohort, leading to many happy hours spent in various casts and choirs.  Before I had lessons with Megan, I would never have put myself forward for solos, let alone principal roles, yet the last year has seen me tackle both.  I am immensely grateful to Megan for this; singing has overtaken all my other musical pursuits as the one which I spend the most time doing, and the one in which I find most enjoyment.  If you are looking to learn the basics of singing or improve at an advanced level in a non-judgemental, enriching and confidence-boosting environment, look no further."




"Megan has been my singing teacher for 6 years now.  Her open and friendly manner help to put me at my ease before we start singing. 

Lessons are always interesting.  Her warm up exercises are varied and always relate technically to the piece I am practicing.  She is careful in nurturing sound production and pronunciation according to the language and style of the music.  Her explanations regarding singing technique are imaginative, often using visualisation as a tool.  She is always quick to highlight the positive aspects of my singing before carefully working on parts that can be improved. 

Megan is very helpful in suggesting songs that suit my voice and, on occasion, giving me something that is outside my comfort zone.  This is both challenging and, ultimately, very satisfying.  Her confidence in my ability has in turn encouraged me to have confidence in my voice - and in myself. 

In the time I have been with her, Megan has nursed my voice when stress and anxiety have taken their toll on my health.  She was quick to stop me singing when I strained my voice and helped me to get the voice back to good working condition, increasing my technical ability at the same time.  Her knowledge of how the voice works and the mechanics of how to make a good sound is invaluable. 

All in all, having Megan as my teacher has done wonders for my singing and, almost as importantly, my overall confidence and sense of wellbeing."


"Megan’s teaching has transformed my singing and greatly increased my confidence. She has helped me to discover my own unique, authentic sound without pressuring me to sing ‘big’. She has taught me how to be more patient with myself and my voice and not to run before I walk. She has made me aware of issues causing problems to my singing and has given me the tools to train my muscles in good habits. Megan is extremely adaptable and caters to each student’s needs, using both creative images and technical explanations to help students understand and apply technique. She guides her students towards repertoire that is appropriate for their stage of vocal development while also encouraging them to make independent choices."



"Megan is an excellent singing teacher!
She has helped me develop my vocal technique and knowledge of vocal anatomy, and greatly improve my performance skills.

Megan has prepared me for numerous auditions, successfully getting me into the MGA Academy and British Youth Music Theatre.

Every lesson is comfortable and exciting to go into, knowing Megan is a friendly and knowledgeable teacher. I feel I have greatly improved as a singer from when I started lessons with Megan and couldn’t recommend her enough"

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